Hello, Everybody : )

I live and breathe gaming and education!

With over 20 years of experience making great games, I not only follow the latest innovations – I define them. I am a Unity Game Developer & Instructor.

Passions include developing Web3 for Unity, Games for Unity, and offering education through online courses and live classes.

I offer my services through remote, contract-based opportunities. I am available globally for on-site visitation.

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1/6 – Mission

  • To educate and entertain with interactive technology ( Unity / Games / AR / VR / DOTS /  Web3 )
  • To champion best practices, coding standards, and education

2/6 – Goals: Unity Game Developer & Instructor

  • Make great content: Powerful tools for coworkers. Rewarding experiences for players
  • Surround myself in learning: Both skilled to teach and always hungry to learn
  • Collaborate with impactful people: Curious and positive team members from diverse backgrounds
  • Give back: Community involvement and charities inside the industry and outside help me to stay connected

3/6 – Passions

Unity/C# is my preferred game development platform. I love a collaborative design process including story, characters, and game mechanics. I focus on creating games, game architectures, AR/VR, packages, & tools to empower game-dev teams. Passions include:

  • Create Virtual Reality (AR/VR) experiences for gaming, simulation, and education
  • Collaborate with dynamic, communicative, passionate people is a top priority
  • Evangelize on behalf of my teams (conferences, education, sales, support) and fuel the community

4/6 – Certifications

Unity Certified Developer

Earners have the skills necessary for making a game with Unity, spanning key concepts in both technical art and programming.

Landmark ILP Leader

Intensive training in practical coaching, with skills in leadership and communication; effective and powerful with large groups of people.

5/6 – Partners & Clients

My teams and I have the pleasure of working directly with industry experts.

6/6 – Contact

Contact me today to discuss more!