Games Portfolio

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Here is more of my Unity game development portfolio.

Partners & Clients

My teams and I have the pleasure of working directly with industry experts.

Recent Projects

Sam shipped the following projects and contributed in roles such as Software Architect, Senior Developer, and Team Lead.

2021-2022: Beamable

Beamable is the creator-centric platform for building live games in Unity. Beamable simplifies everything from updating your game, selling items via special offers, to live events with leaderboards. Visual prefabs for Unity and the ability to keep all your server code in C# means life is simpler and you get to market faster.

Sam collaborated to design and author the Beamable SDK For Unity Online Documentation; web pages, images, diagrams, SDK example projects, and completed sample game projects to benefit the technical education of customers.

2020: Heroic Labs

Heroic Lab’s offers “Nakama” is a scalable server for social and realtime games and apps. With Nakama server you can add user authentication, social networking, storage, and real-time data exchange into your apps and games. It is developed by Heroic Labs to handle the difficult but essential services that go into all social and realtime games and apps.

Sam refactored the Pirate Panic Sample Game code-base for intelligibility and teachability for the launch of sample game documentation online.

2019-2020: Saganworks

Your Stuff. Your Room. Your World. We’re taking it up a notch from mainstream content-sharing platforms. Not only can you post as many pictures, videos, and songs as you want, but you get to walk around as you interact with them. We’re bringing the gallery experience to you, so you can have a better time reliving your memories and enjoying your hobbies with friends.

Sam lead architecture and development on the Unity desktop build of the application.

2019: Mathstronaut

Educational Entertainment Mathstronaut combines modern technology and education to deliver an experience that meets the needs of students, teachers and parents. Educational entertainment lets educators and parents meet students where they are: in a space that will teach, inspire and, of course, entertain them. Available 2020 on the App Store.

Sam architected and lead development on the cross-platform mobile game and owns the technical education and mentorship of all team members.

2019: Unity Game Physics

Sam launched the powerful and critically- acclaimed Unity Physics Course that covers complete Unity 2D and complete Unity 3D. You can buy the course from your favorite provider here. All links refer to the same course but the content and presentation may vary slightly depending on the provider.

Enjoy the course. It is fantastic!

Subway Surfers

Sam designed and developed on Subway Surfers @ SYBO Games.

Subway Surfers is the most downloaded mobile game ever (2015) –

Subway Surfers hits 52m monthly downloads (2018) –

Subway Surfers surpasses three billion lifetime downloads (2020) –


Sam designed and developed on Shiftlings @ RockPocket Games.

Shiftlings is published by the gaming juggernaut Sierra Games for XBox One, PS4, & Steam PC. –


Sam designed and developed the proprietary multiplayer gaming API @ MyYearbook.

He served on the consulting team as MyYearbook sold for $100M to Quepasa. –


Sam designed, developed, and produced over 100 casual games @ Neopets.

Neopets website playtime averages 6 hours and 15 minutes per-user per-month. –

Sam served on the founding team as Neopets sold for $160M to  Viacom / MTV. –