Multiplayer Portfolio

Shared online experiences are the modern campfires, illuminating human connection.

Here is more of my Unity game development portfolio.


Multiplayer game development involves creating video games that allow multiple players to interact and compete in the same game environment in real-time, either over the internet or locally. Using a game engine like Unity, developers integrate various multiplayer technologies such as networked physics, real-time data synchronization, and session management to ensure smooth and coherent gameplay.

Key components include server-client architecture, where the server manages game states and client devices connect to it; matchmaking systems that pair players; and network security to prevent cheating. Unity simplifies these aspects with tools like UNet and Photon, offering robust frameworks for handling complex multiplayer functionalities and enhancing player experience.

Sam also teaches multiplayer solutions through Unity courses and classes.

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What’s Next?

Recognizing the redefinition of Unity as a multiplayer platform, I have added this tech into my skills to improve my development services.

Please contact me to discuss any remote, contract opportunities that may be a good fit.