Multiplayer Portfolio

Shared online experiences are the modern campfires, illuminating human connection.

Here is more of my Unity game development portfolio.

Multiplayer game development involves creating video games that allow multiple players to interact and compete in the same game environment in real-time, either over the internet or locally. Using a game engine like Unity, developers integrate various multiplayer technologies such as networked physics, real-time data synchronization, and session management to ensure smooth and coherent gameplay.

Multiplayer Portfolio

Unity NetCode For Game Objects

Netcode for GameObjects is a high-level networking library built for Unity for you to abstract networking logic. You can send GameObjects and world data across a networking session to many players at once.

Sam created a complete Unity NGO Multiplayer Game and documentation.

Moralis Multiplayer

Moralis APIs power crypto and blockchain applications for millions of end users worldwide. Platforms include web development and real-time gaming such as Unity and Unreal.

Sam created a complete Web3 Multiplayer Game and documentation.

Beamable Multiplayer

Beamable is the creator-centric platform for building live games in Unity. Beamable simplifies everything from updating your game, selling items via special offers, to live events with leaderboards. Visual prefabs for Unity and the ability to keep all your server code in C# means life is simpler and you get to market faster.

Sam created all design and development for the Beamable King Of The Ring Multiplayer Game and the Beamable TB Fighters Multiplayer Game and authored all related documentation.

Nakama Multiplayer

Heroic Lab’s offers “Nakama” is a scalable server for social and realtime games and apps. With Nakama server you can add user authentication, social networking, storage, and real-time data exchange into your apps and games. It is developed by Heroic Labs to handle the difficult but essential services that go into all social and real time games and apps.

Sam refactored the Pirate Panic Sample Game code-base for intelligibility and teachability for the launch of sample game documentation online.

What’s Next?

Recognizing the redefinition of Unity as a multiplayer platform, I have added this tech into my skills to improve my development services.

Please contact me to discuss any remote, contract opportunities that may be a good fit.