Level Up Africa

Many Junior Unity Developers in Africa lack the experience and expertise for confidence, organization, and scalability in their workflows. This program provides solutions.


The capacity and output of such teams are limited and developers are unable to compete in the global marketplace. Individuals with more skill and experience will make a larger impact in the global games industry. Full teams of such individuals will attract more game development work to Africa, create unique game experiences – telling the stories from their culture, and create new financial and business opportunities for those around them.

As a solution, Level Up Africa will offer the Advanced Unity Game Development Training program for students in the African continent.


  • Unity-specific training offered to professionals 
  • Train local trainers to continue educating
  • Leave a legacy of learning materials (Perpetual license)

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Program Overview

In this video, Samuel Asher Rivello provides an overview for the Level Up Africa Training program for Unity Game Development in the African continent.

We are actively seeking corporate sponsors to provided support and funding as well as potential partners who have communities of professionals we can educate. For more info, see the Level Up Africa slide deck.

Program Content

In this video series, Samuel Asher Rivello and Brian (Thee Beest) Diang’a meet in Nairobi, Kenya to talk about Unity Game Development in the African continent.

These two gaming experts give an introduction to the Unity Game Engine, discuss how to get a job in Unity Game Development, how to use the Unity Editor application, the best ways to program C# and visual scripting for gaming, and talk about the future of Unity Game Development in Africa with What’s Next!