Power Learn Project

The Power Learn Project (PLP) launched the #1Milliondevs4Africa program to make tech skills accessible and affordable to young Africans.

The PLP is Africa’s leading impact organization in software development and digital skills training with a target to empower 1 million young people by 2027 through capacity building and job creation.

The existing PLP curriculum includes training in key areas of technology.

What’s Included?

  • Dart With Flutter
  • Database Management
  • Python
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Development

However, the existing PLP curriculum does not yet include game development. Level Up Africa aims to help.

What’s Next?

Through the proposal below, Level Up Africa offers the addition of Game Development Training to the PLP curriculum.

Game Development is an engaging topic to attract, retain, and graduate young learners. Moreover, the industry itself demonstrates explosive growth.

The 2023 global games market will generate global revenues exceeding $200 billion. – Forbes.com

Gaming Development

  • Game Development is a huge industry, growing rapidly, especially in Africa
  • Unity Engine is the industry-standard platform for creating games
  • Game Development Careers are highly paid, in-demand, and expanding year-over-year


Unity Game Development Instructor Samuel Asher Rivello in Nairobi, Kenya, representing Level Up Africa.



Download the Collaboration – PLP & Level Up Africa presentation deck for details – or watch the video below for an overview.


In this video, Samuel Asher Rivello provides an overview for the Level Up Africa Training program and its proposal to add Game Development Training to the Power Learn Project.