Unity is a versatile game engine that can be used for creating interactive prototypes, games, training simulations, and more. It supports both 2D and 3D worlds and publishes to many popular platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, VR, and more!

You can build…

🧪 Prototypes

Unity offers rapid development in a collaborative environment. Quickly try out new ideas.

🕹 Games

Unity is among the most popular and powerful ways to create interactive games.

🤖 Simulations

Unity includes subsystems for artificial intelligence, physics, VR, AR, and more…

You will learn…

🛠 Fundamentals

Unity has vast subsystems. You will learn the critical skills to create, update, and launch projects.

Advanced Techniques

Learn from a Unity expert with industry experience. We cover not just how to create solutions, but also the “why”.

🗣 In-Demand Skills

Start a new profession or level up your existing career with new skills that matter in this rapidly growing industry.

The Unity Editor software application is freely available for download. “It is the complete solution for professionals to create and operate real-time interactive experiences. Put the power of an entire ecosystem of tools, support, and community in your team’s hands to achieve better results, faster.”

The Unity Training offered here is ideal for anyone interested in creating interactive experiences; academically, professionally, or as a hobby. is for anyone wanting to learn a piece of software for fast prototyping or to create games & training simulations.

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About The Courses

Each course is customized to meet the specific learning objectives of the students.

The course duration, scope, & class size are adjustable.

Course Types

  1. Intro To Unity – Duration: 1 week, 40 total hours. Scope: General introduction to the major aspects of Unity & C# programming. Upon completion, students will be able to create a simple, complete game or experience and publish it. Prerequisites: General programming knowledge (any language)
  2. Unity Physics For 2D/3D – Duration: 2 days, 16 total hours. Scope: Deep dive to all aspects of Unity Physics. Upon completion, students will be able to create a Physics-based Unity game in 2D or 3D and publish it. Prerequisites: General Unity & C# knowledge
  3. Advanced Classroom Topics – Unity has dozens of subsystems. Upon request, we cover the practical approach to adding the subject(s) of interest to a new or existing Unity project. Prerequisites: Intermediate/Advanced Unity & C# knowledge
  4. Personal Tutoring – Together we define long-term goals and create a roadmap of one-on-one instruction.

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Course Structure

We’ll approach each course topic with the “T.E.C.” (Theory, Editor, Code) approach.

This will deliver a comprehensive understanding with high impact.

  1. Theory – The Course Of Action. Game design is the art of applying design, aesthetics, and software development to create a game for entertainment or for educational, exercise, or experimental purposes
  2. Editor – The Tools Of The Trade. Unity’s real-time 3D development platform lets artists, designers and developers work together to create amazing immersive and interactive experiences. (Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  3. Code – The Language Of Software. C# (pronounced see sharp, like the musical note) is a general-purpose language with strong typing and has a object oriented programming (OOP) model

Course Details

  • All courses are delivered live, online via video (webcam / screenshare)
  • Materials may include: lecture, discussion, slides, sample projects, & in-class assignments
  • Setup: Internet connection (>15Mbs up/down), the latest free version of Unity, microphone, webcam, and headset.
  • There is no homework

About The Instructor

My name is Samuel Asher Rivello.

I live and breathe gaming and education!

My mission is to educate and entertain with interactive technology.

With over 20 years of experience making great games, I not only follow the latest innovations – I define them.

I am a Unity Certified Developer with shipped Unity games for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Android & iOS.

I have taught at major Universities (inc. Colombia, Denmark, Sweden, United States) including semester-length classes on interactive technology, created online courses (inc. Udemy), and created & executed specialized learning programs within both corporate and academic settings.

Complete resume available!