Here are Unity Game Development Udemy Courses.

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Foundational Game Dev – Available Now!

  1. Creating Game Environments
  2. Game Development Essentials
  3. Designing Game User Interfaces
  4. 2D Game Design and Development with Unity


Unit Testing For Unity – On Udemy

Learn Unit Testing & Test-Driven-Development (TDD)

Available Now!

  • Testing fundamentals & techniques
  • Video, slides, & source-code
  • Many sample projects

MVC Architecture For Unity – On Udemy

Create and maintain Unity projects which are faster to develop and easier to maintain.

Available Now!

  • Design principles, design patterns, and software architecture
  • Video, slides, & source-code
  • With sample projects

Physics For Unity – On Udemy

Master everything about Unity Physics for professional game development and more!

Available Now!

  • The A to Z of Unity Physics
  • Video, slides, & source-code
  • Two complete game projects