Unity Training Course

These “Unity With Cocktails” training courses will be offered again soon.¬†Contact me¬†for more info.

1. A Shot of Unity #1 (Free Training)

  • Duration: 1.5 hour
  • Location & Date:
  • Price: Free
  • Description:¬†A brief introduction to Unity for Game Development
  • Takeaway: Appreciation for what is¬†possible with Unity and curiosity to learn more.
  • Materials Required: None.
  • Materials Provided: None
  • Topics Covered
    • What is Unity?
    • Tour of the Unity Editor & C#

2. Unity With Cocktails (Paid Training)

  • Duration: 16 hours during 1 weekend (Saturday / Sunday)
  • Location, Price, & Date:
  • Description: Learn Unity for Game Development. This is a 2-day¬†overview compressed¬†from over 64 hours of course material. We’ll have a ‘cocktail’ (and beer)¬†theme for¬†the art assets and game programming. The atmosphere will be casual. The teaching style is approx.¬†80% lecture and live coding demonstration and 20% student-participation and group discussion.
  • Takeaway:¬†Skills to create a very basic 2D game with audio, visuals, and user input.
  • Materials Required: Bring your¬†own Laptop running
  • Materials Required: Bring your own Mac/PC laptop the latest free Unity Personal Edition installed.
  • Materials Provided:¬†Sample projects and assets including C# source code.
  • Prerequisites:¬†Basic programming skills in any programming language.
  • Note: If you¬†are familiar with Unity and can already create your Unity own game, this course¬†is too basic for you. See Unity Advanced below.
  • Topics Covered
    • Module 1
      • What is Unity?
      • Game development concepts
      • Introduction to the Unity¬†IDE
      • GUI & Unity 2D
    • Module 2
      • C# Programming 1:¬†Fields, Properties, Methods, Events
      • Unity: GameObjects, MonoBehaviours, Transform, Serialization, Attributes, Editor Scripting
    • Module 3
      • C# Programming 2
      • Unity: ScriptableObjects, Prefabs, Primitives, Physics, Audio, Input
      • Debugging
        • Debug class
        • #pragma
        • Warning vs Error / Compiler vs Runtime
    • Module 4
      • Deploying Unity for Mobile
      • Unity Services –¬†Cloud Build & Analytics, & more…
      • High Quality (AAA) in Unity – Graphics (PBR, SSRR, GI) & Audio
      • Game Design Patterns¬†– Singleton, Observer, & more…
      • Game Architectures
      • Best Practices & Coding Standards
    • Bonus (Time & Interest Permitting)
      • Raycasting, Time.deltaTime, Coroutines
      • NavMesh
      • C# Programming 3:
        • Lambda Functions
        • ref/out
        • LINQ

3. Unity Advanced

  • Duration: TBD
  • Location & Date: Upon Request
  • Price: TBD
  • Description:¬†Private tutoring for individuals and groups on advanced topics of Unity. You choose the topics.

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