Code Samples


With any new medium, the full power is only unearthed with experimentation. – Sebastian Thrun


Unity Architecture

  • Mini MVCS – Custom library embracing the MVCS architecture. A library has no requirement on non-MonoBehaviour. Using MonoBehaviours is optional. This is my preferred architecture.
  • UMVCS – Custom library for MVCS architecture within Unity. It is heavily-dependent on MonoBehaviour as a It has no dependencies on 3rd party libraries. This is an older architecture.

Unity Best Practices

  1. Unity — C# Coding Standards – Coding standards define a programming style. A coding standard does not usually concern itself with wrong or right in a more abstract sense. It is simply a set of rules and guidelines for the formatting of source code
  2. Unity — Project Structure Best Practices! – Here is a consistent structure recommended for use within the /Assets/ folder of Unity projects.
  3. UnityDesignPatterns – I created this Unity Design Patterns project for training purposes
  4. TripleMatch (Unity C#) – This is a simple, complete match-3 game. 


  • PyGameSystemManager (Python) – This is a manager for high-level “system” classes in your PyGame game projects. Each system is independent and may access others through a centralized locator. I created this framework, an included game, and free tutorial videos during my first week of learning Python in 2019.


  • See my Github (SAR) more projects which are work-in-progress.