Code Samples


With any new medium, the full power is only unearthed with experimentation. – Sebastian Thrun


These projects are presented as complete.

  1. Coding Standards (Unity C#) – Coding standards define a programming style. A coding standard does not usually concern itself with wrong or right in a more abstract sense. It is simply a set of rules and guidelines for the formatting of source code.
  2. TripleMatch (Unity C#) – This is a simple, complete match-3 game. It was completed in 2015 as a solo project during an 8-hour “game jam”. Updated for Unity 2018.x.
  3. SoundManager Theory (Unity C#) – The intention was to ‘provide a world-class audio representation of a complex audio environment’. The project is compilable code with no errors or warnings, however, it represents mostly theory. Many implementation details are purposefully missing. It was completed in 2016 as a solo project during an 8-hour “game-system jam”. Updated for Unity 2018.x.
  4. Fun Tower Defence (Unity C#) – This simple, complete game includes a new, original approach to Model-View-Controller architecture, created with Unity in mind. It was completed in 2017 as a solo project during a 1-week “architecture-jam”. Updated for Unity 2018.x.


See my GitHub more projects which are work-in-progress.

Technologies include Unity released features, Unity beta/experimental features, ReactiveExtensions, Unity ECS, Entitas framework, and more…